Schofield Avenue Corridor Plan

About the Schofield Avenue Corridor Plan

Schofield Avenue is a major west-east corridor in the Village of Weston. It was State Highway 29 before the Highway 29 freeway was opened ¾ miles to the south in 1992.

This Plan, currently in Draft form, will be adopted as a component of Volume 3 of the Village of Weston Comprehensive Plan. Volume 1: Conditions and Issues and Volume 2: Vision and Directions preceded it. Volume 3 contains detailed, stand-alone plans that typically advance priority initiatives from Volume 2.

This Plan is a blueprint for future (re)development, zoning decisions, and transportation investments along the corridor. It will guide property owners and developers interested in selling or changing land uses. Still, property owners, businesses, and residents are not compelled to participate, sell their property, or move.

The village will use this Plan as a basis for making the following decisions:

  • Rezoning, conditional use permits, site plan approvals, and other zoning decisions, supplementing other village policy documents.
  • Transportation, utility, and other capital and community design investments.
  • Potential development activities and incentives for appropriate non-residential, mixed-use, and redevelopment projects in conjunction with tax incremental district (TID) project plan(s). Parts of the Schofield Avenue Corridor are within TIDs #1 or #2.

The Schofield Avenue Corridor Plan, drafted by Madison Planning Firm, MDRoffers, was initially presented at a Joint Meeting of the Village Community Development Authority and Plan Commission on Tuesday, August 13, 2019. 

Schofield Avenue Corridor Plan (DRAFT - July 2019)

A final Draft of the Plan is now available for public review. A public hearing is in the process of being scheduled to adopt the Plan as a component of Volume 3 of the Village of Weston Comprehensive Plan. We expect it to be adopted by late Spring 2021. More details will be provided as they become available. 

Schofield Avenue Corridor Plan (Public Hearing Draft - February 2021)