pilot Community Kitchen Food-Scrap Drop-off Program

Food Scraps

We are in preliminary discussions with the Public Works & Utility Committee and the Board of Trustees on the possibility to test out a Community Kitchen Food Scrap Drop-Off Program, in partnership with Marathon County Solid Waste Department and Hsu’s Growing Supply.

This project idea actually goes back to early 2013, during Refuse/Recycling Task Force Committee meetings, where we discussed potential changes to our refuse/recycling program (such as the new single-stream recycling program).  Comments were made then about Weston possibly offering a curbside compost collection program in the future.

Following the start of the single-stream recycling program in 2014, we started getting inquiries from residents on what they can do with food scraps.  This then led to our working with Marathon County Solid Waste Department and Recycling Connections Corporation to hold Home Composting Workshops here at the Weston Municipal Center, where “classroom” workshop sessions were held to teach people how to home compost.  Then in the past few years, we changed things up a bit by moving the annual workshops over to the Weston Farmer’s Market (3910 Schofield Avenue).  In the past few years, we have restructured this workshop into more of an exhibit, where people could simply walk up to our booth and ask their questions on home composting, along with our providing some hands-on and interactive learning displays. 

During the Home Compost Event, on June 29, 2018, there was an overwhelming amount of people coming to our booth, asking questions on how to start their own home compost or what they can do to keep food waste out of the landfills (when they do not have the ability to home compost).  This led to discussions had with Marathon County Solid Waste Department and Hsu’s Growing Supply on how we could all partner to create a program where Weston residents could drop off their food scraps to a centralized location, here in Weston, which would then be delivered to Hsu’s Growing Supply, where it will be properly handled and turned into natural compost.

If such a pilot program were to begin, would you participate?  If you would like to learn more, contact Valerie Parker at 715-241-2607 or e-mail at vparker@westonwi.gov.