Apache Ln Utility Project

Project Updates:


This week the water services should all be installed and the remainder of the underground utility work should be nearing completion.  Next week the contractor is planning to begin rebuilding the road which will take more than a week to complete.  They’ll first excavate out material to get it to the proper elevation and then bring in new road base for the road.  Once the whole road is prepped with new road base the concrete shoulder will be the next step in the process with paving to follow after.


This week there are two crews working on watermain (one at N Apache and heading south) and then the other working on Trotzer and then moving north along Apache.  It sounds like the western stub of River Bend will be installed tomorrow.  The watermain work is anticipated to be completed by the end of the week.  The crews will then work on water services next week.


The construction crew will be working on finishing up the sanitary sewer main and laterals this week.  The work left to perform includes the sewer stub heading east on Kiowa and then connecting on the northern part of North Apache to Estate Dr.

The sanitary sewer work is then expected to be completed by the end of this week/early next week and then both crews will be working on installing the watermain.  One crew will start at Estate Dr and N Apache and work their way south and the other crew will be starting on Trotzer and then working north on Apache with the expectation the two crews will meet by about the end of next week (May 6th).  After this, water laterals will get installed and some storm sewer and culvert work will proceed. 


The work on the sanitary sewer main on Apache is nearing completion on the north side of the project.  Once the sewer is completed near Estate Drive the sewer crew will then go to the River Bend intersection and install sewer main on River Bend heading west from Apache.  Advance did bring in a second crew to install sanitary laterals and that crew is currently between Trotzer and Kiowa and will continue working north. 

This work should be what is continued for the remainder of the week and watermain work will then potentially start next week at Trotzer Ln and then follow the similar pattern working north.


The work on the north side of the river has been underway now for a week and the sanitary sewer main is about ¼ of the way installed with the crew likely getting close to the Kiowa and Apache intersection by the end of today.  The majority of the work for the remainder of the week will be on the block between Kiowa and River Bend Rd.

For those residents between Kiowa and River Bend, if you have not already, please put your lath out indicating where you would want your laterals located.  If you have any questions about where it is best to locate those you can contact Isaac Dolan who is on-site with Clark Dietz Engineering who the Village has hired to oversee the utility installation.  Isaac’s phone number is 715-301-3249 or his email is Isaac.Dolan@clarkdietz.com.  Isaac is also outside with the crew and you can talk to him directly if you see the person with the yellow vest on.


Advance Construction has begun work on the sanitary sewer starting at Apache Ln and Trotzer Ln.  They will then continue installing sanitary sewer heading north along Apache Ln.  The sanitary sewer portion of the project is expected to take about 4 weeks to complete.  

Temporary mailboxes will be installed at the River Bend and Kiowa intersection.  A letter should have been dropped off to residents on 4/4, if not a link to it is below stating where the mailboxes will be located.

Refuse and recycling collection will continue as scheduled.  Residents should continue to place their carts out at the end of their driveway and if the truck cannot access the carts, the contractor will move them to a place where they can be accessed and then return them back to the driveway's once they are emptied.

Temporary Mailbox Location Letter


Advance Construction has indicated starting work on the north side of the river beginning Monday, March 28.  The below letter was sent to residents.  If you haven't already, please locate where your well and septic systems enter your home so the laterals can be installed in the best location to serve the home in the future.

Spring 2022 Construction Start Letter


Advance Construction is anticipating to begin the river boring portion of the project during the month of November and will then be completing the work along Apache Ln in the spring of 2022.  The letter linked below was mailed out to residents to inform them of the project status.

Special Assessment Update and Project Start Information

June 9, 2021 Special Assessment Hearing

The Special Assessment Meeting will be held on June 9, 2021 at 6:00 PM at Dales Weston Lanes, 5902 Schofield Avenue, Weston, WI 54476.

Linked documents for the Special Assessment Hearing are below: