Why Are We Building?

Weston Wisconsin is Building to Serve

Consider…the condition and efficiencies of our Municipal Buildings impact our effectiveness in providing service to the taxpayers of the Village of Weston.  Focus on the efficiencies of our workforce = higher level of service for your tax dollars.

The current Village Municipal Center was built in 1956 and despite improvements and additions over 60+ years, poses significant safety, maintenance, and operational concerns. The new Municipal Center will seek to correct these issues by serving as the base of Village operations from one more centralized location for residents to interact with the Village.

The year 2016 was not only the 20th anniversary of the Village's incorporation, but it was also the 60th anniversary since the Weston Municipal Center was first constructed for the Town of Weston in 1956. For the past six-plus decades, the Village’s Municipal Center and Public Works Garage, located at 5500 Schofield Avenue, has served the community well, but the building is beyond its useful life and the Village has begun planning and design for a new facility for the current and future generations. 

Back in 2015, the Village went through a competitive solicitation of proposals from engineering and architectural firms, to analyze and evaluate all four of the facilities sites currently owned by the Village. These facilities included the Weston Municipal Center on Schofield Avenue, the Weston Public Safety Building on Mesker Street, the Parks and Recreation facilities located at Kennedy Park, and the Municipal Garage on Ryan Street, adjacent to the Village’s yard waste site. The Board of Trustees selected Kueny Architects of Pleasant Prairie, WI, to complete the first phase of the facilities needs evaluations.  

Over the six years prior to 2019, the Village began to aggressively pay down its debts, and successfully avoided the need for additional borrowing and debt financing.  However, this also meant there were minimal capital improvement projects undertaken during this time (street reconstructions, park improvements, etc.). In fiscal year 2016, Weston had the lowest debt percentage in its history as a Village. Our decreasing debt, the need to replace and repair our facilities, and competitive interest rates have all converged to make this an ideal time to tackle these facility repairs and replacements as well as address other capital project needs.  

In March 2020, the Board of Trustees approved a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to address needs for the years 2020 through 2024.  This CIP includes improvements to the Public Safety Building, Aquatic Center, and Park Facilities.  It also includes a replacement Municipal Center.  Plans for debt issuance for these projects will be designed to align with, and follow, project and debt repayment schedules.    

The Village has already begun the major remodel of the Public Safety Building in 2020.  This project is wrapping up in early 2021.  Projects to upgrade the Aquatic Center Facilities are being implemented in stages.  Replacement of the Municipal Center is a much larger undertaking - a project that should serve the Village for generations - and its time has come.  The goal is to break ground in 2021. 

This site is intended to be updated to keep you posted about the Municipal Center project.