How to Apply for a Permit

Please visit and use the following steps:
 1) If this is your first time using the new site, click "New Account" in the upper right-hand corner;
1 New Account

a) Fill in the fields using your information, try and provide as much information as possible.
b) Create a password on the same page and click "Save".
c) If you are creating a new user name and you get the error stating your password is already associated with  another account, then select the "Forgot Password" link and follow that process.

2 create account

2) Click on "Permit Application" on the left-hand side (if you have created a new account you will automatically be taken to this page after you have clicked the save button).

permit app

 3) Select the permit type associated with your project from the drop-down menu. Then select the appropriate permit application from the second drop-down menu.

3 permit application selection

4) Enter the address and the street name, without and prefixes or suffixes (DO NOT ENTER THE ST, AVE, DR, BLVD, WAY). If the address you type in generates a "not in jurisdiction" error, then most likely you are not in the Village or Town of Weston. If you are unsure, please call staff at 715- 359-6114.
***If you pay your taxes to the Village of Weston, but you have a Schofield zip code your address is still in Weston***

4 select adress

 5) All the required fields are highlighted in yellow. You will not be allowed to save the application without filling in these fields. If you leave the page, then you will have to start the permit application process over again.

5 enter details about permit

6) Add any additional contractors or contacts (i.e. property owners, agents, managers) that are associated with the project and/or who should be contacted regarding the permit.

6 add a contact if needed

 7) There are several permits that require additional items to be uploaded (i.e. site plans, operational plans, sign layouts). If these items are required, then the system will not allow you to move forward until these items are uploaded.

7 upload site plan
8 agree and submit application

8) Once the application is submitted, then staff will review it for completeness and issue an invoice, which can be paid online, by mail, or in person. Once payment is received, then a permit will be emailed to you and you may begin working on the project.

9 click on payment and youll see invoice

 9) After the work has been completed, log in to the site and submit a request for inspection. An inspector will contact you with a window of time and day of when the inspection will take place. After the inspection is completed you will be notified and the permit will be finalized and closed out.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact staff.