Utility Rates

Water & Sewer Utility Rates

General information about the proposed rate increases have appeared in the Jan/Feb 2018 edition of the Village of Weston Newsletter "The Weston Wire". Both utilities performed a rate study with consultants within the last 12 months. These studies included estimated expenses for the next five years and the rate needs to cover those expenses. The current proposals are based on the 2018 budget needs. 

Background on the rate increases including an overview of the major changes in expenses is contained in the following summary reports.

2018 Water Rate Increase

2018 Sewer Rate Increase

Weston Utilities Capital Budget Discussion

The Village has estimated the effect of the proposed increase on the customers utility bills for customers using 12,000 gallons and 17,500 gallons per quarter.  The combined rate increase for both utilities is estimated to increase a bill for 12,000 gallons by approximately $25 per quarter and a bill for 17,500 gallons by approximately $31 per quarter. More detail is contained in the following presentation. Since the rates have not been finalized these rates are still estimates that are subject to change. 

2018 Utility Rate Estimates and Comparisons

Current Rates

The current water rate will remain in effect until the Wisconsin Public Service Commission has conducted a public hearing and issued a rate order and the Village implements those rates following that order.

Current Weston Water Utility Rate Tariff